online shopping review.

As an expect living in Mumbai, its very hard for me to shop or to find something which will fit my fashion sense.  It has taken me 2 years of living in Mumbai, to find a online store with quality and beautifully designed clothes, I have recently came across –, based in Delhi.

Today, I received the two shoes which I had ordered on Thursday. The service from this company has been phenomenal, they notified me when my package was being shipped off and when the package will arrive at my house.

They also do cash on delivery, so for those of you who are terrified to trust an online store with your cards, this fits right in.



The first nude heel which was purchased was: Rs 1,899.

And the second gold and black sandal which was purchased was: Rs 1,499.

This was a complete bargain which came with quality and incrediable service. 

Contact DonebyNone:


Customer Care: +91-9266-80-2999


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